Build your own brand to appeal and quickly adapt to your customers and markets with full creative control while delivering a higher contribution to the bottom-line.

WW Container Brewery
WW 10k Brewery

Low Risk

The capital outlay is small when compared to traditional micro-breweries. 
The fast return on investment is due to the low capital requirement and low labour cost to run.

Low Carbon-Footprint

Beer is produced onsite using local water, and a supply of ingredients from WilliamsWarn. No transportation of kegs or disposal of beer bottles required. A contract brewery can set up in a centralised area with small, rented premises and have distribution on the door step.


The brewing hardware and ingredients can
be added incrementally. Whether you are a restaurant brewing 50 litres per week, a bar serving 1000 litres per week or a contract brewer making 30,000 litres per
week, the solution will scale incrementally as demand grows.

Great for Business

Building value in your own beer brands and unique beer styles to match your customers’ desires, food, seasonality or various themes during the year given the small batch quick turnaround. Having your staff engaged in the process has great benefits for the business.


The WilliamsWarn BrewKegTM Brewery
requires a minimal physical footprint to implement. It can be implemented in a dedicated space or within existing
commercial premises, requiring electricity, water and drainage.

World-Class Quality

We create winning recipes that you can then make your own. Our customers’ beer wins international awards.


No specialist labour is required to start creating your own beers and ciders.

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